In The Dark ? Luxembourg

Welcome to the restaurant where the extraordinary is experienced in total darkness.

Immerse yourself in an unconventional world that challenges stereotypes…

An unique sensory experience…

In the Dark? Luxembourg invites you to dine in total darkness, accompanied and served by unexpected guides. Tasting, having lunch, or dining in absolute darkness is an original experience that allows us to reassess our perception of taste by rediscovering our senses, which are often dulled by the omnipresence of sight. It’s an opportunity to re-enchant our relationship with the world and others and to have a surprising encounter with differences.

Located in the heart of Luxembourg, in the business district and European institutions in Kirchberg, this culinary and convivial experience awaits you. This sensory journey has many surprises to discover! Enjoy the delicious surprise menu crafted by the chef of Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg, Christophe Mannebach, using fresh seasonal ingredients paired with refined wines. It’s also a surprising moment of conviviality, free from preconceptions and social conventions, where others become a source of curiosity.

Meet the diversity

Regularly ranked among the top 10 most original restaurants in the world, In The Dark ? Luxembourg is celebrated by numerous culinary and tourist guides and has won dozens of awards worldwide for its commitment to inclusion and social innovation.

Thanks to the remarkable service of non-sighted and visually impaired guides, our unusual restaurant offers a moment of positive empathy that challenges preconceptions about disability. Fueled by this role reversal, the experience allows us to ‘perceive’ the richness of diversity. A good experience is always better than a long speech. All our guides and sensory experts have turned their differences into strengths.

Flavors, aromas, textures, temperatures… suddenly, you find yourself on a culinary journey where your senses are the only uncertain and exhilarating guide. Concentrating your attention on taste, losing the color of a wine, inhaling, touching, savoring… these are essential experiences, a range of sensations that awaken your senses and emotions.

Effective events

In The Dark ? Luxembourg is not just an unusual restaurant and a unique sensory experience ; it’s also an original human and convivial experience that can prove to be an extremely innovative and effective tool for businesses.

Directors, managers, employees, whether your goal is marketing or promotional, HR or commercial, whether you want to strengthen cohesion or reward teams, contact us. Here are some examples of what is possible at Dans le Noir? Luxembourg :


Having fun and emotion are the key points of these experiences designed to meet your HR objectives and promote team cohesion.


Meet your colleagues in an unusual setting to celebrate a success, a Christmas party, reward a team…


Gather and thank your clients, customers, retailers or partners offering an original and unforgettable experience.